Go Ape! Aberfoyle

Go Ape! Aberfoyle

Go Ape has been put together with adventure in mind. We want you and your tribe to escape the rat race and spend some time getting out there and hugging a few trees. And each other. Not for any other reason than because you love life, and messing about in the forest puts a smile on your face.

Zip wire heaven...

Our first Scottish course and what an impact it's made. Stunning scenery of the surrounding Queen Elizabeth Forest Park gives the course a jaw-dropping backdrop.

Oh, and let's not forget, arguably, the course's main attraction - Britain’s two longest zip wires, each stretching over 400m long, flying customers 150 feet above ground over a 90 foot waterfall.

A mecca for Go Ape pilgrims and thrill seekers alike.

  • Highest point: Site 6 Zip Wire platform 40m
  • Longest Zip Wire: Site 6 Zip Wire 426m
  • Longest crossing: Amazon bridge (site 4) 15m
  • Total length of all crossings: 1,171m
  • Number of crossings: 30
  • Number of sections: 6

The Visitor Centre, David Marshall Lodge, is a great place to start exploring Queen Elizabeth Forest Park.

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